Welcome to Hand Crafted in Paros

Hand Crafted in Paros is a growing community of artists and creators. Here is a place to easily find unique and locally handcrafted  products and services. We aim to build a healthy and growing ecosystem of creators and satisfied consumers   Many of our makers use locally sourced and/or recycled materials and do work inspired by the island we all love.  
There is a lot of hidden talent on our island, creating jewelry, ceramics, sculpture, homed decor, fashion - with services such as  acupuncture, couple's massage, culinary and language classes.  The list goes on!
Our 'in-person' season is very short.  When you buy from an artist here you are not just getting a unique souvenir, you are investing in their ability to continue to live and work  in a sustainable way on this very special island.   We want to encourage visitors to connect with Paros artisans when they visit the island, but also from the comfort of their own home to purchase special items for themselves and as gifts to share the magic of Paros.
Our island home isn't very big, still, a lot of us live and work away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist destinations.
If you are island hopping, we know your time here can be limited.  For this reason, Hand Crafted in Paros is your island shopping experience made simple.  A one stop shop for all things handcrafted.  Don't want to carry additional luggage?  No worries, we can ship your items for you. 
If you are a resident or part time resident of Paros and would like to join our community.  Find out about local events and creative happenings. Join the group! https://web.facebook.com/groups/HandMadeInParos/

Χειροποίητα Καλλιτεχνήματα στην Πάρο