Welcome to all that is Dumb!

Like what you see? Grab it, because it might not be here tomorrow. Most things on the site are one-offs - I don’t run production lines, and the only sweat in this shop comes off my own brow.   At $48-$90 (most styles), it’s not just a bargain - it’s fair trade!
My name is Paula Fletcher, I'm an independent fashion designer.  I started designing one of a kind clothing over 20 years ago.  My clothes have traveled the globe since then, but to this day,  I am still committed to one-offs. I rarely repeat the same design in the same size,
What I am consistent on is creativity and comfort. My clothes won’t wrinkle easily, and they don’t bulge with pockets and accessories -you’ll look your true self with less add-ons. At the trunk shows you’ll find clothes in all sizes, including those extra small and extra large sizes - whether it be for burning man costumes or funky everyday wear.
Dumb Clothing customers stay loyal (click here for testimonials) -do send me a pic of how smart you look in your Dumb Clothing!